Friday, June 01, 2007

Waiting for the water but, not diesel repair mechanic.

Well winter has come and gone and so has most of spring and Bianka is still not in the water. The engine problem from the end of last season is still there. I have wasted three weeks waiting for several Diesel repair mechanics whom I contacted to call me back and tell me when they will come by to look at the engine. I don't mind if they can't come because they are busy but when I leave a message and ask them to call me back and never do that just really, really pisses me off. So much so that I decided to keep my money in MY wallet. I have concluded that my problem is with fouled injectors and spent the afternoon removing the four of them. It went well though of course one injector's screws were giving me a hard time but, I managed to remove it without stripping the head of the screws or damaging my knuckles. The next step is to send it to a diesel injector repair shop for testing and rebuilding if my hunch about the engine problem is correct.

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