Sunday, July 01, 2007

The second opinion.

Well the injector solution did not work. So it was time to call in a pro. I never realized how long it would take to get a diesel mechanic to come take a look at the problem. I finally got someone to come by and after going through all the things I did with no more luck. It was time for a compression test the readings were all in the 170-180 psi range about half of what they should be. Not good. but, curious that all four cylinders should be so low. I have one more thing to try before I give up on this engine. That is to remove the head and see if it is a blown head gasket. Since I have come this far and have an engine that no longer starts I have nothing to lose. So I think I will be spending July 4th down below with the service and parts manual, tools and some cold beers learning more about this engine. There is a possible clue that someone mentioned to me when I first discovered the oil leak in the first photo here (which can be enlarged) that the oil seems to be leaking at the point between the engine block and the head. I had originally thought that the oil got sprayed up in that part of the engine by the a broken oil sensor but, now maybe it was actually leaking from the gasket area. Stand by I'm going in


Keith MacDonald said...

Hey, I'll be v. interested to find out what this problem eventually ends up being. I've been following yr. travails with interest. Is the lack of an engine absolutely precluding you from sailing? Very sad, if so.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the lack of the engine does put a damper on sailing. The number of power boats and a narrow channel would make for an interesting experience. Any incident would certainly raise questions by my insurance company.