Friday, May 28, 2010


BIANKA is usually on a mooring or at anchor and that's where I like to be. I will occasionally tie up to a dock but, not often. I was reminded the other day another reason to avoid them. I was working on the boat which was still on the hard in the boatyard.  There were a few power boaters gathered on the dock about 100 feet away drinking and having a little afternoon party. Then someone thought it was a good idea to bring out a Karaoke machine. This was bad enough but, then some thought it would be cute to have their children start singing. You have not lived until you've heard a pre teenager sing the Four Seasons hit Sherry three or four times in a row. Luckily,  I had enough work to do down below which I did until someone decide to pull the plug on the Karaoke device.

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