Friday, May 21, 2010


One of the things I do every year  before I launch is wash the hull and apply a product called PROTECTANT 303 to the hull. Some people like to use a wax on the hull and it looks good for awhile and takes a lot of work at least more work than I want to do. Protectant 303 is not a wax and it does not give the same shine. It is as it's name implies it is a protectant. It is designed to protect the hull from the UV rays of the sun. It bonds with the gel goat and really renews the faded blue stripe along the hull. One caveat is that it creates a very slick surface so I never use it on the deck or on horizontal surfaces of the cockpit. You and any passengers will be sliding and slipping all over if you do. This slick coating also allows it to keep dust and dirt from sticking to the hull and so looks cleaner than wax as the season  moves forward.  One thing about it though is it must be applied to a bare hull. Which means if you have previously waxed your hull you need to remove all traces of the wax before you apply the Protectant 303. But, once you do you will save a lot of time. I can apply the stuff to my 30 foot hull in about 45 minutes or less. That works for me I order it by the gallon and that's enough to do my hull for several seasons. I also use it on the hatches and ports and any plastic and vinyl  on board that may be exposed to sunlight for extended periods. 

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