Sunday, May 02, 2010


Back in early March I received a call to help renovate and rebuild a high tech facility in Washington D.C. I jumped at the chance to replenish the coffers and build up my sailing fund. But, not having worked full time in several years I forgot how much time work takes out of ones life. Not to mention how tired one can be at the end of the day. I also really missed the opportunity to take a little afternoon nap. While it certainly was a financial pleasure to have some money coming in. Other parts of life went out the window. Enjoyable things like posting on this blog and working on the boat. Happily, the project is ending this week and unstructured time returns to my life. This will allow for more frequent postings on the BIANKA BLOG and the even more important spring outfitting of the boat. But, first I'm going to be taking something that I have not really felt the need for in years and that is a vacation. Two months of working full time including some weekends and a number of 12+ hour days has me really looking forward to relaxing on a chartered boat in the Bahamas for a week. Swimming, watching sunsets and saying: "Yes, I think I'll have another rum punch."

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