Saturday, June 26, 2010


These moments we're left with
May you always remember
These moments are shared by few
And those harbor lights
Aw they're coming into view
It's been a lovely cruise 
                                                                   -Jimmy Buffet

After two weeks of cruising in and around New York Harbor BIANKA is secure on the mooring in her homeport on the Isle of Long..
Despite the failed attempt to join the Reid Stowe flotilla and the resulting damage trying. The trip was filled with wonderful moments privately enjoyed and also shared with others. Including meeting a fellow Nonsuch owner in person after sharing emails over the years. Checking out a new marina and finding it to be an excellent location to re provision in future cruises in New York. Having fellow bloggers Tugster and Bowsprite come onboard for some beverages and chat. Then there are those pinch me moments spent alone at anchor watching the moonlight shimmer on the water, watching Osprey catching fish nearby, hearing the squawk of a Night Heron on the shore. Yes indeed! It's been a lovely cruise.

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