Monday, July 05, 2010


The weather forecast is for "dangerous heat" tomorrow highs near 100 degrees. To quote lyrics from Phillip Glass's EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH: "These are the days my friends" Yes, those summer days you thought about when the snow was piling up over the winter.  So it's hotter than the Caribbean? Deal with it! Actually, it's been pretty delightful on board BIANKA. There was a nice gentle breeze all day long and it was just a jump over the side for a refreshing swim. Still one does need a little help down below in the cabin every now and then. For that I have found no better solution to keep cool during an afternoon nap or for sleeping on a hot still summer night than this 12 volt Caframo model 747 fan

It really moves a lot of air and does not use up a lot of amps doing it. That's why it gets Capt. Mikes recommendation for things that work on board. I've had mine for over seven years and it's provided reliable relief from the heat.

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So It Goes said...

I love this fan (12 volt Caframo model 747 fan). We have two of them on So It Goes. They look much better than the type with the cage. One of our cats likes to stick her paw in blades but the fan stops, no problem!

These fans are quieter than others I've heard, plus they don't take much power. So little, in fact, that I, Ms Electricity-Miser Cheapseats, run the bedroom fan all night and sometimes BOTH of them :)

We enjoy your blog!

So It Goes
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