Sunday, August 01, 2010


On Friday  I woke up about 6 AM and opened the blinds. As I stared out across the dunes I saw several sails out on the Ocean. The first boats I saw all week. Then I remembered these sailboats are probably participating in the Around Long Island Regatta held by the Sea Cliff Yacht Club which happens annually this time of year.
I've thought I might enter the race someday with Bianka. Perhaps I will but, I'm not really a racer.  I have made the trip around the island before but, not without stopping. Though coming into the Shinecock Inlet at night alone is something I probably would like to avoid doing again.  Still, I'm glad I saw the boats on my last day on the beach. Any earlier and I would have been thinking about getting back on board myself. Anyway hats off to all the racers who participated you can see the results of the race here.

BLOG UPDATE: The folks at SAILTIME have posted a nice first hand report about the race.

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