Monday, August 23, 2010


  So after another week spent on the beach as per my girlfriends wishes I headed out to the boat to take care of a few projects and do some organizing. The weather is expected to turn nasty for the next few days so I headed back to shore and made a big pot of Bolognese sauce. Mmmmm. Some of which I'll take with me on a cruise I plan to start sometime this week. But, AFTER checking the NOAA Hurricane Center website I'm getting a bad feeling about tropical Storm Danielle:

The reason for my apprehension is because we here in the Northeast are long overdue for a Hurricane. Plus our local waters are extremely warm this year. This is not good when a Hurricane approaches. I'll certainly be keeping a weather eye on this baby before I decide to head out.


Grey Seas Jewelry said...


If you made the bolognese on the boat, I expect to see the recipe here!

Kristen Posey Mead

Capt. Mike said...

No I made a BIG batch at home. Froze it in individual portions with pasta (no need to for me to go down the frozen food aisle in the supermarket) also have some containers of sauce only. I use the frozen containers in place of ice in the cooler for the first few day of the cruise and it always tastes better on the boat.