Thursday, September 02, 2010


The sunsets as a Hurricane approaches can be very beautiful. As the photo below shows taken this evening on BIANKA as it sits anchored in Three Mile Harbor on eastern Long Island:
So much for the adage red sky at night sailors delight. Friday looks like it is going to be a long day for me as Earl approaches with Tropical Storm force winds. But, today was busy too. I started the day by launching the dingy taking trash to a marina dumpster, picking up some shackles, refilling an empty gas container and picking up some ice. This was the first time I've been on land since last Friday. I guess I've been on board too long because I forgot to put on shoes. I'm out of Blueberry muffins but, I did manage to pick up some Biscotti to have with my morning coffee for the next few days. After the errands it was back to the BIANKA continuing preparations for Fridays visit of Earl. I've let out all my chain and rigged up a second anchor ready to be deployed  if the boat starts dragging during the storm. I also plan to rig a third anchor tomorrow in the morning. A few things remain which I'll take care of in the morning. We had some pretty strong southerly winds this afternoon in the 20+ range including a gust to 36 knots. But, the anchor held fine and did not drag so I am hopeful it will make through Earl. Tonight should be the calm before the storm as the first rains should arrive around daybreak and things should go down hill from there. Friday night will not be fun from the looks of it. But, things should improve by Saturday morning. I hope to post during the day as BIANKA and I meet the challenge of Earl. But, a lot is going to depend on how busy I am.  I'm not alone in the harbor there are about five other boats here with crew waiting for Earl. I am hoping for a good sleep tonight satisfied that my plans and options will be enough to whether the storm. There is not much more to do but, wait for Earl.

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