Monday, September 20, 2010


A few months ago I received an auspicious gift from Bob of the BOAT BITS blog. It was a BEBI LED BEKA LIGHT.

I've been using it for the past few months on board and am finding it very handy. The unit I have has a round PVC housing with 12 bright LEDs facing out and 6 warm LED's facing downward. It is marketed as a combination anchor and cockpit light. I use it in the cockpit this way in the evening. But, I find it useful for many other applications. For example I use it in the cabin too. I wedge the lights cable in by the florescent light fixture attached to the cabin top and plug it into the a 12 volt outlet. The 12 bright LED's light the cabin indirectly by bouncing off of the cabin top and the six warm down facing LED's illuminate the table very nicely with a warm glow. 

 I could also see it being useful  as a temporarily replacement for a burned out stern light or with the proper colored red & green gels as an emergency running light .
The lights are made by people from the village of Nakobo at Fawn Harbor, Vanua Levu. The second largest island of FIJI using a solar powered "factory". And you are encouraged to come and sail to the location if you want. However, they do arrive very quickly by mail to your home if you don't have the time to sail there too. If you've been thinking about converting your boat to LED technology it is a great way to start without emptying your wallet. In short it is just pretty useful light to have on board. I plan to buy a few more myself.

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