Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Back in September I was still cruising around the Isle of Long and missed the sad news about the passing of Chuck Husick.  Husick was an engineer, corporate executive, writer, teacher, advisor. But, most importantly in my mind a sailor.
Most people know Husick from his articles and advice column in publications like Ocean Navigator, Boat U.S. etc...But, my memories of him were from an Ocean Navigator  Diesel Maintenance course I took a number of years ago at Hansen Marine Engineering in Marblehead Massachusetts.  My diesel was still running good then and Chuck was an excellent teacher explaining the theory and maintenance of diesel engines.
      In the class Husick gave out his phone number in case we had any questions. A few months later I did. One evening I called it thinking I'd get his voice mail where I could leave a message. To my surprise Husick actually answered the phone. Saying that he was usually not in the office at that hour but, had come by to pick up something. We had a little chat and he gave me some advice on what to do. I was impressed that someone as busy as he was would take the time to explain and help someone calling out of the blue. 
Hussick also introduced me to something in that class that would become important these days now that I've converted my boat from diesel to electric propulsion. Toward the end of the seminar Husick showed us the then brand new technology from Honda which was the Honda 1000 gas generator. We all marveled at the quietness and light weight of the unit. Little did I know that few years later a Honda 2000 generator based on that technology would be powering my electric boat along at around three knots. I had recently been thinking I should send Husick a note about how well my Thoosa 9000 electric propulsion system has worked out on my Nonsuch sailboat. Unfortunately, it's too late for that. But, I know he would have been very curious about it.   

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