Monday, May 02, 2011


One of the real nice things about having a Honda 2000 generator on board is it provides the ability to propel my electric propulsion system and charge it's battery bank. But, it also allows one to use a bunch of other tools and devices on board that require 120 volts AC. One of my favorites that comes in real handy on board is a SCUNCI STEAMER .

Scunci SS1000 Hand-Held Steamer - 1000w

This handy 1200 watt unit is easily powered by the Honda's 1600 watt output or if you are at the dock powered by electric grid power. I like that it is small enough to carry and store on board. But, it really helps clean things around the boat and sanitizes at the same time. The steamer also blasts dirt out of crevices that are hard to get to and really helps clean and sanitize the galley area. Currently I am finding it very handy in cleaning out the old diesel fuel tank on board. With the flexible hose attachment I am able use it's steam cleaning abilities inside the tank:

 After the steam clears you can see how this method helps to remove a lot of the residual coating on the side of the tank.

It's not only helping inside the tank but, also outside. That black stuff on top of the tank was a sticky tar like putty left over from a refrigeration installation.

A little blast of steam and some Simple Green and it's nicely cleaned up with out a lot of scrubbing.

The same goes for this grime located by the fuel pickup port.

A little shot of steam makes for an easy cleanup of the diesel grime. If you still have a diesel engine I'm sure it would help in cleaning it and a lot of the oil drips that come with having the engine on board. It's not exactly a must have tool but, I find it really helps in keeping the boat cleaned and sanitized and does it without the need of a lot of chemicals. Green and clean is not a bad combination on my boat and that's why I carry it on board..

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