Tuesday, July 05, 2011


"The fireworks are hailin' over Little Eden tonight"- Bruce Springsteen
While the firworks were pretty impressive from my view in the cockpit. I could not help thinking about the sunset show that nature put on before the man made event last night which was also impressive:

While a man made rocket will dazzle our senses for a few seconds before rapidly fading. The show that nature puts on lasts for a long time and the best thing is I never have to wait for one day a year to enjoy it.


Pat said...

Great picture, Mike, and I couldn't agree more. In fact, nature's bueaty may be what the fire works folks were emulating in the first place!

Pat said...

Whoops! That's beauty!

Capt. Mike said...

Yes, sunsets are always something I look forward to at the end of the day. I think they are especially nice to see from the boat or shoreline. I get a lot of pinch me moments seeing them.