Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Here on the waters of the Northeast U.S. radio checks are required to be done on VHF channel 9. This was done to keep channel 16 clear for hailing and distress calls only. The trouble is a lot of people do not usually listen to channel 9 and even fewer respond to calls for radio checks. This is especially true if one is trying to get a radio check in times of low boater activity like early mornings. Attempting to do a radio check on channel 16 will usually get a reprimand from the U.S. Coast Guard that radio checks are to be done on channel 9. What's a sailor to do? You want to do a radio check but, if no one answers it kind of defeats the purpose. That situation has now changed for the better thanks to technology. Boaters can now get a radio check 24 hours a day thanks to companies like Sea Tow that have set automatic radio check sites in various harbors. To see how it works watch the video below.  You can find what channel to do an automatic radio check in your area by clicking here. 

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