Saturday, November 05, 2011


You might be asking by now what I used to get the Cormorant art work off of the sail cover and deck. Well the answer is JOY dishwashing liquid.

Joy dishwashing liquid not only helps wash the dishes on board BIANKA and clean Cormorant poo off it's sailcover and decks. I also use it to lubricate the sail slides before raising the sail. Makes it go up and come down much easier. It also comes in handy when it's time to take a "Joy shower". Since Joy Dishwashing liquid also lathers in salt water it is great for an end of the day shampoo and rinse off the back of the boat followed by a fresh water rinse. It helps save water over a regular on board shower. Because it is such multitasking product BIANKA carries at least one bottle on board because it works.

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