Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of my on going projects is labeling various things on board to make it easier for me and others to find them or understand what they do. I find that a Brother PT 1290 label maker is a very useful item to carry on board for such projects.

It does not take up much room and can make labels in various sizes and colors for ones needs. For example sometimes when I am up on the foredeck about to drop the anchor and I have forgotten to turn on the windlass circuit breaker. If I have crew on board I may have to shout back to them to turn on the breaker. If they are new crew they may not find it to easily. So I have labeled it so it will visibly stand out:

Likewise various bottles and containers in the tool locker or galley are worth a label to be able to identify them easily:

Since I have electric propulsion I also try an make some of the tools I use around the high amperage batteries a little less prone to shorting things out. I use electrical tape for this. Unfortunately, this often obscures the size markings for the tools. But, some labeling with the P Touch labeler soon remedies the problem:

I also use it to label wiring, panel circuit breakers, plumbing lines and a myriad of other things on board that I might want to label. In short it just comes in very handy and useful on board to label anything..

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