Saturday, March 03, 2012


I was out on a charter in the Leeward Islands recently and bought along my new GoPro Hero camera. I also bought along a 12 volt USB adapter and the GoPro charger cable to charge it. But, when I got on board I found that the boat did not have any 12 volt cigarette sockets on board that were wired.  But I did have a 120 volt outlet in my cabin hooked up to the  boats inverter. So I did what any good sailor would do and looked around for something that I could adapt to charge the GoPro camera. I found just what I needed with my Kindle e-reader charging cable:

The Kindle comes with a small 120 volt to USB adapter plug with a removable cable. So I was able to plug the GoPro Hero camera cable into the Kindle adapter and charge via the boats 120 volt inverter. It's a good thing to know if you need to charge the GoPro camera and just have a 120 volt Kindle charger. It will serve a dual purpose charging both your Kindle and GoPro camera.
Speaking of the GoPro cameras nothing gets me looking forward to summer and the up coming sailing season than a video like this:


Dan said...

I recently got a GoPro (nice little camera).

I've been using my kindle adapter to charge a bunch of my USB gadgets. They're much smaller than a lot of the USB wall chargers. I'm almost considering getting a couple more since they're nice and compact.
Nice to know it works with the GoPro, I didn't try that one yet.

Capt. Mike said...

Yeah having the Kindle charger was a life saver when I found the boat did not have a 12 volt socket wired up to charge the GoPro. You are right the Kindle adapter is a lot smaller than some of the other AC USB chargers too. Having it do double duty when traveling is a plus.