Tuesday, May 08, 2012

USEFUL THINGS: Cardboard boxes

One of my projects this year is to re varnish Bianka's cockpit table.  I'm applying three coats of West System epoxy first followed by three coats of varnish. Applying the epoxy was not a problem for flat pieces of the table. But, the fold down end pieces were unstable when standing on their edges. What to do?  I found the answer in a cardboard box I had laying around:

I cut two slits into it with a box cutter and put the edges of the side table pieces into them:

The box held them securely so I was able to apply the epoxy to the edges. Plus I was able to move and position both pieces at once. Sometimes simple solutions to problems are all around you if you just look.

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Frances said...

Things such as cardboard boxes do come in handy not only for packaging, but for some other neat little crafts as well!