Wednesday, December 05, 2012


As I mentioned earlier this year I had my first major maintenance on my electric propulsion system in five years with the change out of the steel shaft coupling with a stainless steel one. In order to accomplish this I removed the motor for better access to the shaft coupling:

After re-installing the motor I needed to tighten the belt that drives the prop. The Lynch electric motor is pretty small and only weighs about forty five pounds. It is easily carried by one person. But, to try and hold it while trying to keep good  tension on the belt for adjustment was a little awkward. Then I came on a perfect and fast solution using one of the   Ratcheting Tie-Downs   I carry on board.

After wrapping the tie down strap around the motor case and then placing the hooks in the companionway.

 I was then able to ratchet the motor up to have the proper tension on the belt and tighten down the bolts and screws holding the motor to the frame at my leisure. It was a simple elegant solution that makes adjusting the tension on the belt a very easy job.


Anonymous said...

Mike, forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, but why is your prop belt-driven instead of direct-drive?


Capt. Mike said...

I believe it's because electric motors develop higher power at higher RPM's. The also run more efficiently and cooler the faster they turn as the fans helps to cool them.
The propeller is more efficient at low RPM so the belt ration chosen to make both the motor and prop operate as efficiently as possible.