Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Another day of warmth arrived last week. So I once again took advantage of it and went down to the boatyard to check on BIANKA.  A couple of the guys from the boatyard  had a 36 foot Beneteau in the marine lift and were working hard on the bottom with scrappers. The boat was being voluntarily repossessed and had been sitting at a dock for three years. Here is what the bottom looked like after three years:

There were barnacles and other growth of course. But, most of the bottom was covered with thousands of nice sized mussels:

Somewhere in the above photo is a mussel covered sail drive. Below is another view:

I was severely tempted to gather a pound or two of the mussels and whip up some Mussels Posillipo for dinner.

But, I instead left them all for the Seagulls who with several hundred pounds of mussels piled up next to the dock will have thought they had died and went to heaven.


Dan said...

Looks like a good example to not miss any cleaning. I can imagine the swarm of gulls after that scrapping.

Capt. Mike said...

I watched the gulls after the yards guys had finished. Took about 15 minutes before one cautiously approached the pile. Almost like he thought it was too good to be true. Actually he picked up a starfish not a mussel. I'm sure the crowd increased once word got around though.