Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I took the dingy to shore and went and picked up some mussels. Another cold front blew through yesterday and the chilly northwest wind made me want to cook up a steaming bowl of Mussels Posillipo for dinner. Though summer still has a few more days left on the calender the chilly northwest wind and the fact the sun was setting before 7 PM had made me a a little sad. I know that soon it will be time to pull the boat for the winter. But, as I tied the dingy to the stern just as the sun set I heard the unmistakable splashes of a school of Bluefish:

Ironically, the local fishermen who often patrol the harbor gazing around the mooring field looking for these powerful fish were no where to be seen. The chilly winds had seem to keep them nice and cozy on shore. Only I was there to witness their return to the harbor in such large numbers. Even in the fading light I could see the silvery flash of their sides just below the surface. I watched them for a few minutes. Which made me think about pulling  John Hersey's book on the fish Blues  from BIANKA's bookshelf. But, then the chilly wind soon had me thinking of heading to galley and start cooking those mussels. Still it's nice to see the Bluefish back in the harbor even though it is one of those signs that means the sailing season will be ending here in the northeast in another month or so.

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