Thursday, October 31, 2013


As I did yesterday it was only a cup of coffee to start my day. Breakfast would be at the Oyster Bay Oyster Festival. But, unlike yesterday Oyster's would not be the first thing on the menu. This morning it's ribs to start:

The Oyster Bay Festival takes place in three major areas from what I could see. Audrey Ave, The Midway and the Waterfront Theodore Roosevelt Park.

The entrance for those who arrive by car and are bussed to the site is at the end of Audrey Ave. The Ave is a tree lined street lined with booths from some of the local businesses and also others selling various crafts which is where I spent most of my time yesterday.

Then comes the Midway which is where those who travel to the Festival by the Long Island Railroad are dropped off:

As it's name implies it is midway between Audrey Ave and the Waterfront. It's good central location to start from. I also start near here as the marina where I moored BIANKA is just a short walk away. It is also an actually a carnival midway too filled with old time carnival booths:

Filled with games where stuffed animals are the prizes and real animals are part of the games. Like these goldfish :

and what's a Carnival midway without rides:

As I was making this video I was thinking the kids on these rides have been eating all kids stuff candies, popcorn, cotton candy etc... Things that might make them sick. So I thought it best not to spend too much time standing underneath some of these rides just in case. So I moved on to the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park located on the waterfront.

There I found the Tall Ship Mystic and the John J. Harvey Fireboat that I observed entering the harbor Friday Night at the dock:

 I spent delightful afternoon on board the John J. Harvey Fireboat I will chronicle that visit in the next post.

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