Monday, December 16, 2013


NOAA has just announced that a new edition of Nautical Chart 12334 which covers New York Harbor. This latest edition includes new depth measurements and shoreline depictions.  Since it covers changes that occurred since super storm Sandy devastated the area it's probably a good idea to update as soon as possible.  I had cruised through the area just a few days before that storm hit and have not been back since. So I will definitely be updating my chart before heading there again.  It's always important to try and keep charts up to date. Here's an example. This is look at the special anchorage 20A around Ellis Island in New York Harbor from the chart 12334 edition 37:

Here is the same anchorage area from the new updated 12334 72nd edition chart:

There are changes in depth and more obstructions charted in the post Sandy chart. Also good to know is how the anchorage has changed over the years. Including the addition of a security zone around Ellis and Liberty Island which has been in effect since after 9/11 terrorist attack. Not being aware of it is sure to invite a visit from the Coast Guard, National Park Service or New York Marine Police. So you definitely want to avoid entering or anchoring inside that area. You can download a  free PDF file of the chart here  and also as free raster navigational chart here. Print on demand charts are available at your local chart supplier.

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