Friday, December 13, 2013


It was 25 degrees fahrenheit outside this morning.  Even though technically it is still fall here in the northeast it sure feels like winter already and I'm reminded that I  really need to go check on the boat despite the cold temperatures. When I bought BIANKA it came with a Espar diesel heater installed. Which came in handy during early April and late fall sails to and from New York where I lived aboard the boat. Since I no longer carry diesel on board after converting to electric propulsion the diesel heater has not been used in years. But, in the off season while working on the boat I do have supplemental heat in the form of an Holmes  Compact Ceramic Heater .
I also used it on board when the boat was at the dock in New York. It provides nice heat in a small package. It can even fit under the steps blowing heat along the cabin floor or on a counter blowing a dry heat toward the bunk keeping one nice and toasty. It has a thermostat but, I never keep it on unless I am on the boat. The boatyard also has a policy of not allowing any electrical power to be connected unless you are on the boat. Which is a good idea since fires can start if heaters are left unattended. But, when working on the boat on a cold day it helps make things nice and toasty in the cabin as one waits for the warm  Summer Wind to once again arrive.

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