Friday, January 17, 2014


I've come upon a new song to add to BIANKA's MP3 player category of songs for sailing. I usually don't play music while under sail since I prefer the natural sounds of the water and nature. At anchor or while working on the boat over the winter it's nice to have a little nautical tune on the boom box. I don't know how I came upon it but, Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green composition  Albatross seems perfect for lazing in the cockpit on a starry night, laying on a coat of varnish or breezing along at four or five knots.


bill said...

Yup. I really like Peter Greens tunes. "Oh well" is great too.

Jason said...

You should check out Justin Sullivan's album, "Navigating by the Stars". I saw him perform live in 2003 and he explained that this album was the result of his having booked passage on an ice-cutting freighter to cross the Atlantic ocean, in winter, through two hurricanes.

Capt. Mike said...

Thanks I'll check Sullivan's album out.