Friday, February 21, 2014


Interesting article on what went into the making of the movie All Is Lost in the latest addition of the Perspective: Art Directors Guild Magazine. Including some background on the Robert Redford character that was never mentioned in the film like when and how long he has owned the boat:

"Mr. Chandor gave very clear notes about the history of the boat which shaped all of our major decisions: 

1985: Boat purchased by Our Man at 51 years old, six years after it 
was built. 
1995: The economic slump of the mid-1990s causes Our Man to 
let the boat slip.
2001: Our Man retires and invests approximately $20,000 in 
updating the boat. 

This personal chronology allowed for a feeling of layering over time, 
and for the boat to embody the aspirational spirit of Our Man, the 
hopes he invested in this boat and the mobility, adventure and freedom 
it inspired in him."

The article begins on page 46 of the magazine. My personal review of  ALL IS LOST .

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