Monday, March 03, 2014


Things warmed up a little between Polar Vortex cold fronts and winter storms. So I decided to go down and do another quick check on the boat before the next winter storm came barreling through. It was definitely a much more pleasant experience than my visit twelve days previously. For one thing it was much easier to get to the boat. The left photos were taken twelve days earlier than the right which was my most recent visit:

Almost all of the snow was gone and I was not slip slidin' around while trying to get to the boat on the icy drifts of snow. The deck too was clear of snow and looked clean and ready for the new season:

I could even see the solar panels once again as they continued to do their job keeping the batteries topped up over the winter:

Finally the cockpit was cleared of snow too:

If it wasn't for the 28 degree F temperature I might have cracked open a beer and enjoyed the view. With less than twenty days until spring begins I hope that day comes soon.

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