Friday, April 04, 2014


"Never get off the boat!" are the words spoken by the patrol boats cook in the movie  Apocalypse Now. Always good advice.  The following video shows why. It was taken during the recent Clipper Race and shows how difficult it can be to get a person back on board even with a number of crew available to help. Imagine how difficult it would be with one or two people on board:


bill said...

Maybe a bit of second guessing, but through it all, nobody thought to throw him a line? Or many lines? Or a flag on a pole?

Capt. Mike said...

Since they were in a race I expect the boat was moving pretty fast. By the time they could find a line to throw he was probably well out of range and probably would have a hard time holding onto the line even if he got one. It's hard to tell but, the fellow who fell over board may have had a rescue beacon on him even though they apparently lost sight of him from the boat. Still a lucky fellow considering the conditions.