Saturday, June 07, 2014


I've finished with the dismantling of the Hillerange stovetop and oven. I've also removed the Paloma on demand water heater. The remaining piece I need to remove from the twenty thee year old propane system resides in the propane locker. It is the gauge, regulator and solenoid assembly that connect to the propane storage tank in the propane locker to the hose that enters the cabin:
 These will be the final pieces of the old propane system that I will remove from the boat. The assembly is not that big or heavy but, it was somewhat of an energy hog when in operation. As I checked out in a previous post.   Gas flow required that the 12 volt solenoid be energized and used over one amp when in operation. The ability to cook on the Hillerange Seward stove or use the hot water heater depended on having a working 12 volt battery bank.  In the process of simplifying the propane system I have also created a more reliable system with which to cook. One not dependent on other boat systems working. That's a good thing.


bill said...

How do you like your synthetic propane tank? I have a Lehr propane outboard and I'm thinking of getting one.

Capt. Mike said...

I like it a lot. Though I have only filled it up once. But, it is much lighter and does not corrode like other tanks I have had. The one I have is only 11 lbs but, the steel tanks I had were only 10 pounds. It is much easier to handle and I don't worry about damaging the gel coat as much if I move it around.