Wednesday, June 04, 2014


After removing the twenty three year old Paloma water heater as part of my rethinking propane project. I opened up a lot of space for use. Looking at the cabinet area where it once resided. I saw an opportunity to move over the Brita water filter over into the water heater space.

If it would fit in the space behind the Paloma access door.

My first attempt was a no go. The cabinet door that help hide the heater would not allow the Brita water filter to fit. So I removed the door which was held on by hinges attached with square drive screws. Using one of the square drive screwdrivers I carry on board it was a quick job to remove the door.

Success! The Brita Water Filter would  fit in the space. But, first I had to add another shelf in the back of the cabinet to support the rear of the water filter:

Once this was done I was able to fit  the Brita right into the space

 and it looked like it was planned that way. But, the reality was it's just an unplanned outcome of my rethinking propane project. Another benefit of the move was the outlet water valve for the Brita is now over the sink instead of the counter. So any unplanned drips do not have to be wiped up.


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Yeah, things don't always work out that easily.