Wednesday, April 01, 2015


I read a book about the islands
Far away in a coral sea.
All we need is a friendly sailboat,
A good wind, and we're running free.
Let me take you where the trade winds blow
And the sun is always shining.
And I'll stay with you until you change your mind.
Winter still seems to be having a bit of a grip here on the Isle of Long despite it being officially spring. So I have not visited the boat in two weeks. But, the cold and snow have had me thinking of some of the warmer climes I've been in. Sometimes in the form of songs playing in my head. One that kept popping into my memory over the years is a song called TRADEWINDS by Mark-Almond. It is the perfect song to add to my  SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player. Unfortunately,  the song and the album from which it is on has never been available on Amazon or ITunes as a download. I'm tired of waiting. So yesterday I finally ordered a used LP record copy off of EBAY that I will try and convert it for use in my "Songs for Sailing" list on the Sandisk.  Give it a listen:

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Andrew B said...

Mike, TDW from SailNet here. See my post on SailNet but in short I think I've got the CD as well as the vinyl. Will try and find it and upload to dropbox. Rgds Andrew B.