Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Just after returning back to the BIANKA's homeport mooring after a two week cruise I ran out of water. Both tanks were dry and my  Brita Water Dispenser had just a little bit left. I knew I would have to refill at least one of the water tanks. I had enough drinking water to at least make a cup of coffee and took it to the cockpit.  I was feeling lazy and the thought of having to dig out the fenders and lines rig them up and head for the dock seemed like to much work this hot summer morning. Not to mention the stress of docking single handed with wile harbor currents playing games with the keel. Checking the scene at the face dock the idea was moot anyway since a sport fisherman had already tied up in the spot I needed. The town dock at the other end of the harbor was another possibility. They had a twenty minute rule which would be enough to fill the water tanks but, it was the weekend and there was no telling how many boats were lined up waiting to use it. As I took another sip of coffee I had an AHA! thought...

I have my dingy. I have my Electric Paddle outboard and I have two collapsible and one hard five gallon water containers. In two trips to the marina dock I could fill my 25 gallon water tank and also have several gallons for drinking. So I gathered all the items together. I love that the Electric Paddle is so light that I can pick it up with one hand:

I never would have considered this plan with my old Honda BP2 outboard. It weighed 35 pounds and was awkward to maneuver onto the dingy. But a eight pounds the Electric Paddle installs easily without the fear that it may end up on the bottom of the harbor. After I installed the motor on the Porta Bote transom I plugged in the eight pound battery pack loaded the water containers and I was off:

After a second trip it was mission accomplished. I had my water tank filled and plenty to extra to drink.

I might do this more often when the docks are crowded with other boats tied up.


Dan said...

Good idea not to move the big boat if not absolutely necessary.

Capt. Mike said...

I agree Dan, If I was preparing for an extended cruise then a visit to the dock would be warranted so I'd fill up both water tanks. But, having the lightweight electric outboard for the dingy for a water run was much easier and faster when just hanging out on the mooring.