Saturday, November 28, 2015

ONE LAST THING: Cleaning the Porta Boat

I finally broke down and splurged on renting a spot on the dingy dock for my eight foot Porta Boat. I spend most of my time during the summer living on the boat with an occasional respite on land for work or to accompany my gal on a beach vacation. Since I have been using a folding Porta Boat for fourteen years I was able to fold it up when and take it home as needed. As I'm getting older this is becoming more of a pain and so I opened the wallet to have access to the dingy dock at the boatyard. It certainly makes it more convenient for quick trips home or provisions. Since for over a decade I have avoided the dingy dock fees that could have paid for the Porta Boat three or four times over I thought it was about time to make things a little easier for me. Though leaving the Porta Boat in the water for the entire season bought some new issues.

Monday, November 23, 2015


BIANKA has a round unstayed mast almost like a tapered metal telephone pole. So there are no spreaders to deal with like on many other types of sailboats. There are two hanger lines that support the wishbone boom though. I don't have to go up the mast too often. Usually just in the spring and fall when stepping and unstepping the mast. I can use a folding ladder to reach the hanger lines for the quick disconnect that I have to do.  There is no need to drag out a Bosun's Chair. However, this video looks like it might offer an interesting alternative for climbing the mast that also does not involve the ladder or Bosun's chair:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's getting to be that time of year again when gift giving becomes a priority for many. It can be hard for sailors and landlubbers to find gifts for their boater friends. May I suggest this little stocking stuffer for the boaters on your list. Anchor Hocking Measuring Shot Glass. I personally use it quite a bit in the galley when cooking or when making a Bloody Bianka or Rum Spritzer for my sunset libation. It's suitably nautical in appearance for any boat. It can also be a nice thank you gift if you are invited aboard for an afternoon on the water not just during the Christmas holidays.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snug Harbor 2015

BIANKA is back on land for the winter but, in good company. It was a great sailing season but, winter is a good time to catch up on publishing some overdue blog posts. It's also a time to do some of those projects I thought I'd get to work on during the sailing season but, somehow I never did. The good news is the Super El Nino in the Pacific  is supposed to help allow for a more moderate winter here in the Northeast compared to last year. I hope they are right.