Sunday, October 23, 2016


It's been several weeks since I pulled BIANKA out of the water.  It was a little earlier than I usually do. But, this was a very unusual season. Things started out well with not much to do to get BIANKA launched. Being retired there was not a real rush on my part. Then about a week before I had planned to splash the boat I discovered one of the batteries on the 48 volt propulsion bank was bad. That set off a bunch of situations that resulted in BIANKA not being able to leave the harbor on her own power and my wallet a few thousand dollars lighter. I had BIANKA splashed.  I was about to leave the dock when I discovered a problem with the controller. Since it was now mid summer and there would be  several weeks were I would be away from the boat. I decided to forget sailing and just use BIANKA as if I had pulled in from a cruise to spend a month or two enjoying the scene. I would work on the controller issue over the winter or early next spring. It was a short but enjoyable season. I still did the things that make owning a boat so enjoyable. Swimming by just jumping over the side and enjoying a nice drink while watching the sunset. Having my morning coffee in the cockpit while watching the sunrise is also a great way to start the day. Now its time to winterize the boat, store the dingy and settle in for the winter. Maybe work on a few projects and make plans for next year.