Wednesday, March 08, 2017


I've see some boats where people rig up hammocks to relax in. They never looked like they were all that comfortable in the long run. Especially if you have back issues. Others like bean bag chairs in the cockpit to relax in. But they take up a lot of room on the boat and can leak Styrofoam pellets all over when they break. I've also been wondering if it might be nice to carry a beach chair for an occasional relaxing afternoon on the beach. But, the idea of finding a place to store it on board has always dissuaded me. Then I just recently came across this:

It's a Vansky Inflatable Lounger. Basically it's a big air bag sofa one sits or lays in. Un-Inflated it folds into a small pack making storage on board easier. If you can find space on board it looks like it could replace the hammock, bean bag and beach chair.  I like that it is available in various colors. I personally like the Orange one for the boat so it might be able to be used in an emergency rescue situation. It requires no pump and is cheap enough it will not make too much of a dent in the cruising budget.

Here is a fellow checking one of them out:


bill said...

Did he really say it's only 46 degrees?

Capt. Mike said...

It sure sounded like it. That's what the conversion of 8 degrees C is. But, since it was September perhaps the lake water was warmer than the air from a summer of heating. Though he may be use to those colder temperatures too. Not me.

Chloe said...

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