Sunday, October 10, 2010


I interrupted my fall cruising for a quick trip down to Washington D.C. by car. On the way I thought I would stop by the Annapolis Boat Show. This the second time I visited the show. To say it can be crowded and over whelming is an understatement. But, it is a great place to see some of the latest products, innovations and ideas for sailing on the water. In the afternoon I spent there I did not see it all. But, I thought I would spend a few posts on some of the things I did see and those that caught my eye.

I guess for some people it is all about looking at the boats. But, since I bought my Nonsuch 30 in 1995 I have not felt the need to look at another boat. So I did not spend time on the docks looking at the latest designs and models from the usual manufacturers but, they certainly were there with the flags a flying:

Though if a new production boat is not on your radar or in your wallet. You might be interested in a nicely varnished used sailboat. Only $371,000 and you can sail it away today! Or rather after the boat show is over in two days. Since it is locked in by the dock layout arranged for the show.

There were also some fine looking smaller craft on view too:

And if you are just in the market for nice sailing dinghy you certainly had some choices:

Then if you are a fan of Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson's song BOATS TO BUILD and just happen to need a neat little nesting dinghy for carrying on board. Here you go:

Speaking of Guy Clark, Verlon Thompson and BOATS TO BUILD:

Unfortunately, there were also little reminders to those of us here in northern waters that the sailing season was coming to an end and that preparations for winter might soon be in order. Though on this beautiful 70 degree day it was hard to imagine it being possible:


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