Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I use mostly Garhauer Blocks on BIANKA. That is what Hintehoeller Yachts installed when the Nonsuch came from the factory in 1986. Over the years I have replaced just about everyone of them as the original plastic sheaves worn out or degraded in the sun. Garhauer has continued to modify and improve their blocks over the years. Earlier this year I discovered a plastic piece on deck that at first puzzled me but, I later discovered was part of one of the main sheet block at the end of BIANKA's boom. It  comes with a small set screw to make it a fixed shackle if you want. This was the piece I found on deck. At the boat show I came upon the Guarhauer booth.

They had quite an array of blocks and hardware on display. I picked up the block that was the same as mine and started to explain what had happened to my block on board BIANKA. He asked "Is that the same type of block?"  I said yes. "Well then consider it replaced." he said.  This was a pleasant surprise and one of the reasons why I really like Garhauer blocks. Very good customer service. I also found out from him that Garhauer had replaced the plastic locking piece that failed on my block with aluminum. Another reason I like Garhauer they have constantly improved their products over the years. For these reasons Garhauer products get Capt. Mike's seal of approval.

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