Monday, April 15, 2019


It's still been rather chilly on board to spend too much time working on some of my
major projects. So I thought I do a little spring cleaning in the meantime starting
small at first. The counter across from my  bunk has become a catch-all over the
years and has gotten quite messy.
So I thought I'd start there and work my way around to other parts of the boat cleaning
up and organizing.  I soon realized how far I'd neglected things when I came across
items no longer functional and/or are outdated to be used on the boat .
Such as this Nonsuch Boat registry from 2011.  

An old corroded terminal block an old West Marine Catalog and several Sailing
magazines from the 1990s.

I also came across a  copy of a 1997 NYNEX Yellow Pages Telephone book. Something
that came in handy when I was living on board in New York City on the 1990’s. But, which
is obsolete in the age of Search Engines like Google. I wonder what I will find in other
areas of the boat as I continue to clean and organize things. But at least for now one
area of the boat is much more organized,