Monday, April 02, 2007


And it sure been a cold, cold winter
And the wind ain't been blowin' from the south
It's sure been a cold, cold winter
By Jagger/Richards
Well, winter is over and many of the projects I had hope to get done including engine repair where put off because of the weather. but, spring has arrived and I went to the boatyard the other day and the smell of bottom paint was in the air. I spent about an hour trying to budge the screws holding the windlass to the deck. In spite of using an impact wrench I could not get the screws to move. So I moved on to reinstalling the water pump that I mentioned below. It took a long time between dropped screws and tools requiring me to squeeze into various contorted positions or go back into the cabin to retrieve the parts that fell toward the front of the engine. Still, it was a warm spring day and the view of the harbor made it a good day in spite of the tribulations.