Wednesday, October 13, 2010


As I wandered around the boat show I was surprised to see the number of booths that were selling various model Honda Generators.

I use a Honda 2000EUi generator on board BIANKA. It is a real work horse especially on my boat with it's electric propulsion auxilary. I use it for charging the 48 volt and 12 volt battery banks, powering 120 volt tools, and it can also provide about 3 knots of electric propulsion when needed without taking any amps from the 48 volt battery bank.  Mine is a standard off the shelf model standard AC jacks. But, I did see a new version (at least for me) that makes sense for carrying on board.

It is a Honda 2000 with a 30 amp marine AC jack. This is handy because you can just plug in your boats marine AC cable directly into the generator just like you would hook up at a dock. It is more weather proof than the standard outlets and means you don't have to add an extra adapter into the power mix. If you are looking to buy a Honda generator for onboard use this might be the way to go.

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