Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boarding ladder extension

On some sailboats after a refreshing swim or Scuba dive boarding can be difficult depending on the length of the boarding ladder. On my Nonsuch the ladder is fine if you are boarding from a dingy but, much more difficult after a swim or dive. So I built an extension for the boarding ladder using 12 inch lengths of 1-1/2 inch PVC and fittings, PVC glue and some dock line. The set up has been in use for over three seasons and has been tested to weights of 350 pounds.

Ladder extension when viewed from behind the boat. Notice the four way PVC fittings at the top and bottom of the ladder. These allow rapid draining of water when stowing the extension and also rapid sinking when deployed.

SIDE VIEW: Notice how the extension lifts away from the rudder. The ladder extension only contacts rudder when a person is on it. The rudder keeps the extension vertical when boarding. Instead of slipping under the hull.

Ladder extension in stowed position.