Monday, June 12, 2006


BIANKA is a 30 foot Nonsuch sailboat built in St. Catherines Ontario in 1986. I've sailed her since October 1995 and have spent many enjoyable hours sailing and at anchor in some beautiful locations along the northeast coast of the United States, the Erie and Oswego canals and even into Canada. I hope to take you along on some of these journeys. If you happen to take a photo of BIANKA in a location please email a copy so I can post it on the BIANKA' s Blog.



Anonymous said...

What a great idea! A Nonsuch 30 blog! We've bookmarked it and look forward to sharing your adventures.
Carol & Roger Faber
NS30U #313

Mike said...

Thanks for dropping by. I hope to be updating on adventures and maintenance issues frequently. But, hope there are more adventure posts.


Chuck Dilmore said...

Captain Mike - thanks for having us aboard!

I had pretty much set my mind on a MacGregor 26 for my upcoming retirement - I'm a novice, with only Sailfish (and Navy destroyer) experience.

This week, I discovered the Nonsuch - and am wow'd.

Thanks for providing such a great resource!
Pittsford, NY (Finger Lakes region)

Capt. Mike said...


Thanks for the kind words. Love my Nonsuch have not looked at another boats since I bought her. Though any boat and retirement go well together. Enjoy!