Monday, March 24, 2008


Since I will be putting in a new propulsion system and will no longer need to use diesel fuel. I needed to remove the remaining fuel in the on board tank. But, how to remove the fuel? I looked around the boat and found my Topsider Oil Changer. I usually used it to change the oil in the engine. It works by a vacuum principle. In order to make it work in removing the fuel I would need to use an adapter. The photo below shows the fuel tanks normal configuration.

This shows the fuel line connected to the fuel shut off valve. First I remove the fuel line and shutoff valve. I next screw in an adapter to which I attached the hose that goes to the Topsider container as shown in the photo below:

Another advantage of using the Topsider to empty the fuel tank is the clear hose allows you to check the condition the fuel as it is removed from the fuel tank. Once you have connected the Topsider hose it is just matter pumping the fuel into the Topsider container .

It holds about two gallons so you may need to transfer to another container a few times to empty the fuel tank. But, it is relatively easy and clean way to empty the tank. Unfortunately, my tank was 3/4 full so I had to pump out about twenty gallons. But, the good news is I gave it to a lobster man who was working on his boat. With diesel fuel prices at $3.50 a gallon he really appreciated it. Plus I did not have to lug the fuel it to a recycling center. I am also hoping that he might drop off a lobster or two this summer when I am on board. I call that a win win situation.

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