Saturday, June 27, 2009


So now I've got the battery cables and the motor all connected and ready to go. It's time to mount the controller box. But, first let's take a quick look inside.

It is a pretty robust layout. All the components mount on a thick piece of aluminum that serves as a heat sink for the all important motor controller. To me things are not that complicated and as I have an electronics background it seems it will be much easier to troubleshoot than all the things that can go wrong with a diesel engine. In fact the electric motor on board could be run directly from the battery if needed avoiding the entire controller box if I had to. But, at some loss of efficiency and speed control. I am beginning to appreciate the simplicity of electric propulsion over the conventional diesel engine that it replaced. When you think about it the diesels on board many boats are much more complicated the an electric propulsion system like the Thoosa 9000. Here is exhibit A:

This is the back of a typical diesel control panel in the cockpit. All these wires and connections not to mention the connections at the other end on the engine can make trouble shooting somewhat of a challenge compared to the single box controller of an electric propulsion system like ASMO's. In addition most diesel engines on board sailboats of a certain size also use electric motors at least to get them started. This adds additional complexity to the fuel and mechanical systems already inherent in ICE propulsion. Think of electric propulsion just hooking up the diesel starter motor to the prop and eliminating the diesel altogether and you get the idea of how simple the system is. Going to electric propulsion also eliminates all the problems with pumps (fuel, antifreeze and water) and the hoses that connect to them. Making electric propulsion even simpler. I like that a lot!



bowsprite said...

I truly love how you label things in your photos. I am so sorry I still do not really understand what's what and what they do, even with the subtitles, but I would like to thank you. Your effort is not for aught: I'm so glad you've put it there!

Capt. Mike said...

Thanks Bowsprite! The electric propusion system has actually simplified things onboard my boat including the maintaining of it.