Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Cronkite: Sailor

Most people are remembering Walter Cronkite as a beloved news anchor. But, he was an avid sailor too. He had several sailboats named Wyntje named after an early ancestor of his. He donated one to an organization that helps troubled youths. He has written several books about sailing along the coast of the United States and I even have a Waterways guide from a number of years ago which contains an introduction written by him. He may have worked in the news business but like many of us loved sailing and his sailboat as this quote shows:

"I get out on her every chance I can get. I think I even have her name tattooed on my underwear."

Sail on Walter!


Anonymous said...

i sailed out of buzzards bay to edgartown many summer weekends in the 90"s. walter would more often than not amble down from his home on the bluffs to his beloved ketch & waltz up the harbor & off into the sound. he was, even in his 80's, a reluctant "rock star" on the water.he was loved as a fine sailor & gentleman on the vineyard!

Mike said...

I hope I'll still be sailing in my eighties as Cronkite did. Perhaps it was his sailing allowed him to live until 92. It certainly could not have hurt. Thanks for posting your comment.