Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cold and deep too!

This year I managed to swim off of BIANKA until about the third week in October. I thought that was pretty good. Until I came across this video of Christina Sun aka Bowsprite who along with Tugster have New York Harbor pretty much covered in their respective blogs. Tugster has been on my blogroll for awhile now. I've been meaning to add Christina's Bowsprite site. It's not only her photos, sketches and chronicles of New York Harbor but, when she does things like this:

that remind me what love for the water is really all about. Anyone who can go for a swim in Gloucester Harbor in the middle of November is a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to me to maybe keep swimming off of BIANKA a little later next year.


bowsprite said...

Capt Mike! no! i'm completely embarrassed...this is nothing. Our Julie Sheldon a few weeks ago swam 17.5 M in 6hours 14 minutes, water temperature was 55°--through the major shipping channel, from Battery to Breezy Point: rough waters.
Two other friends, Rachel Golub and Cristian Vergara spent almost 2 hours in the 40° waters of the Strait of Magellan! (
I'm just floating abit, buoyed by a ring of beer flab. But, thank you, I co-link to you, will look at those lovely machines you lovingly tend, and hope to see you in the water!

Capt. Mike said...


Thanks for the link. While those other swimmers certainly made some impressive swims too. Do they know what a hawse pipe is? Let alone sketch one like you can. I doubt it.

will said...

and following up on the idea in yr post, the point is enjoying the water here four (or at least three) seasons rather than doing a form of hibernation from the watery part. i too tip my cap . . . or at least raise my cup.