Friday, April 23, 2010


I think sailors are more in tune with the environment than those who spend all their time on land. We tend to be always keeping an eye on the weather and water conditions and the land (which we try to avoid for obvious reasons when sailing). We also tend to be early adopters of "green" energy technology like solar panels and wind generators because we know the limits of the energy we carry on board and are often not connected to the power grid. We know the energy stored on board in things like batteries on our boats is finite so we try and conserve it. I also try not to be too sanctimonious about my boats electric propulsion system though I think it is the best improvement I have made to the boat in the fifteen years I've owned it. I'm confident others will come around to it's advantages on a sailboat as we head into the future. We sailors also tend to be more conservative in the amount of things we consume and bring on a boat because we just don't have the space to carry everything. Still there is always room for improvement and revaluation. Bob at Boat Bits has some green thoughts that are good to keep in mind.

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