Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I made a post a few weeks ago about making sure you knew who was on your boat. I probably should have said make sure you know who or what is on your boat. This was a transmission I heard yesterday:

VESSEL ROCKMA: East Hampton Harbor Police. This is Vessel Rockma.

This call was repeated several times but, got no response. After a few tries the Coast Guard made contact.

COAST GUARD: Vessel Rockma this is Coast Station Montauk Point. Are you in need of assistance?

VESSEL ROCKMA: Yes, This may be a new one for you. We were heading out and about a half mile passed Sand Beach we discovered we had a live Raccoon on board. We are coming back in and were hoping to land at the town dock.

Long Pause
COAST GUARD: Vessel Rockma do you have a cell phone on board?


COAST GUARD: Suggest you give us that number so we can contact you by cell phone.
Capt. Mike's Note: Another reason to keep things closed up when you are at a dock. Well, at least the crew of the Rockma will have a story to tell but. also a mess to clean up.

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