Friday, January 28, 2011


I've been traveling recently and it seems I missed two snow storms here on the Isle of Long. I just came back and unfortuntely did not miss yesterday's storm too. I've got around 18 inches of snow on top of the previous storms. Looks like Capt. Mike will be spending some time shoveling the driveway and walks. Does not look like I'll be heading to the boatyard anytime soon either. That's ok I've got enough projects and items on my todo list to keep me busy at home anyway. One of the things on the list was to drain the fuel out of the Honda 2000i generator that charges and sometimes powers the electric propulsion system on BIANKA. While flinging snow into big piles I had a Eureka moment. Since I need to drain the fuel tank why not run the Honda until the fuel runs out and use it to help put some heat into the house via the Holmes heater.   Why not indeed:
I sometimes use this Holmes electric heater in the photo above when working in the garage on chilly days. The photo below gives you a little idea of the depth of the snow:

Because I was away during the previous two storms some of the snow from those previous storms became a compacted layer of ice. Meaning it's a lot more work to remove it from the walks. But, happily the Honda 2000i has downward facing louvers and a powerful fan that directs the waste heat downward.  I put this to good use by using this waste heat to help melt the icy bottom layer compacted snow and ice on the walks. This photo shows about ten minutes worth of heat output:

Meanwhile back inside the house the 1100 watt Holmes heater was adding some BTU's into the house:
Ahhhh love the warmth!  Even though I had less than half a tank of fuel in the Honda generator. It ran for over three hours adding heat to the house and helping to melt the ice and snow on the walks using it's waste heat.  Oh yeah, and since I used up all the old fuel in the tank it was one more thing to scratch of the boat todo list. That done it seems like a good time to come inside and listen to WINTER by the Rolling Stones while drinking some nice hot cocoa or maybe a whole bunch of Goats Head Soup.

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